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Belfast Children in Glasgow 1973

There is further material on this visit in the document archive but not yet analysed. It’s likely that the children from Belfast were taken on a trip to Glasgow as a respite from the troubles in 1973

Date Recorded: 1973

Length: 26 min, 28 sec

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Additional Information

Footage of children visiting Glasgow from Belfast, plus a taxi driving through the city and some home-video. Begins with a two men, one who has a Belfast accent says something about rubber bullets. The tape cuts to two children sat at a table, the cameraman asking them questions about their trip. The film cuts to a large group of adults and children in the same room, one of the children talking to the cameraman. The children are given sheets to write on - probably the ones contained in the Third Eye’s ephemeral archives with children's’ impressions of Glasgow (one of the Nuspeak publications). Cuts to abstract shot of lights, man then performs with fire. Switches to a shot from an elevated window of people walking down the street. Cuts to a group of four adults, one child and a baby eating a meal in a domestic setting. Close-ups of a woman’s face and the baby. Cameraman films the woman’s backside, remarks ‘it’s like a Yoko Ono movie...bums.’ Changes to inside of a taxi where we see a man get in, followed by a short drive through Glasgow. Cuts to shot of a domestic interior at night (very dark and hard to make some things out) with about 4 adults relaxing and listening to music including Bob Dylan and Jefferson Airplane - the tape ends on ‘Somebody to Love.’ There is shaky handheld camera work throughout.