The Glasgow Miracle:

Materials for Alternative Histories


Archive Catalogue

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This online catalogue collates information on the material within the Archive Reading Room at the CCA as well as an online selection of films. The online catalogue also searches across the timeline.

The archive comprises of fourteen collections arranged into format; slides, VHS, photographs, publications, ephemera, audio, posters, film, VHS, news cuttings and paper records which are subdivided into CCA (1992-present) and Third Eye Centre(1974-1991). The paper collection series Third Eye Centre 1 (TE1) has been catalogued in the original order received from the Mitchell Library, believed to be the original order upon deposit. The paper collection series CCA1 has been arranged into sub-series which represent the main functions and departments of the CCA; Corporate, Finance, Programme, Education, Marketing, Management, Cultural Tenants, Director, Staff, Building and Development.